Here is a range of different treatments on offer. Take a moment to read thought each one, listen to your body and which one you are drawn towards.

a back massage for balance


Back to Me £25 for 40 minutes (including consultation)

Take the weight of your shoulders with this blissful back neck and shoulder treatment designed to ease away everyday stresses, target areas of tension and let you walk away feeling back to "Me". 

The Back to Me massage will loosen the muscles in your back and shoulders allowing your body to unwind and promote deep relaxation and improved sleep. 

The techniques increase blood circulation allowing more oxygenated blood to nourish the muscle tissues, relieving aches and releasing any tightness and tension.


(sports massage)


Full body: £50 for 70 minutes (including consultation)

Target Area: £25 for one area i.e. back/legs/shoulders for 40 mins (including consultation)

A nurturing sports massage to help draw upon your own inner strength.

An invigorating massage that is ideal for relieving muscular aches and pains, applying a combination of lotions and potions as well as advanced techniques that ensures you will achieve physical and psychological equilibrium.

Blood circulation is improved which encourages oxygenated blood to nourish the muscle tissues, relieving aches and aiding tissue recovery and repair.

This massage will be tailored to your desired outcome – leaving you rebooted, revitalised and restored.

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a healing hot stone massage


Full body: £50 for 70 minutes or £60 for 90 minutes

Back: £40 for 40 minutes.

A Thermal stone massage is a deeply relaxing treatment using hot basalt lava stones to massage the body.

The touch of the stones and the influence of the heat create an aura of warmth as they slide smoothly over your body.  The heat of the stones penetrates deep into the muscle tissue allowing the muscles to relax 4-5 times quicker than in a regular massage.

A blissful way to sooth the mind and body with these divine hot basalt lava stones.


a soothing hot oil massage


Full body: £50 for 70 minutes 

Back: £35 for 40 minutes.

Candles have been used for thousands of years in prayers and bring comfort and serenity to mind, body and spirit.  When lit, massage candles embrace a room with their light, heat and aromatherapy essences. Setting the scene for the perfect massage.

The candle melts into a warm sumptuous oil which is then drizzled over the skin for a wonderful massage treatment to melt away worries allowing you to experience a deep sense of serenity.


a mindful massage


£50 for 70 minutes or £60 for 90 minutes

When we lose the ability to relax our body, feelings of angst and sleeplessness can overwhelm us. Brining our attention to our breath and settling our mind we can find our inner peace.

Inner Peace starts with a face and scalp massage using a aromatherapy resting cream, which soothes nerve endings, relaxing the muscles and the mind. 

A combination of applied pressures and effective relaxation techniques will nurture the nervous system to rest.  Dreamy warmed massage oil will help you wind down and have your inner moment of peace and calm.

Your massage will end with a foot ritual allowing you to know you have found your Inner Peace as you hear 3 chimes from the Tibetan singing bowl.


an escape from the world


£50 for 60 minutes or £60 for 90 minutes.

The modern man needs me-time too whether it be from work or after the gym.

Modern Man is the ultimate massage focusing on relieving specific stress and muscle tension, this powerful, customised massage can concentrate on various pressure points and use different massage techniques.

Choose between a combination of Swedish or/and a deep massage.


a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage


Full Body: £50 for 70 mins & £60 for 90 mins

Integrates the philosophies of the East and West to offer a thermal massage fit for a King and Queen.

Imagine the healing effects of warmed Himalayan Salt Stones as you fall into a state of deep relaxation wrapped in a heated duvet..

The warm pink stones are combined with long Swedish strokes and hydrating coconut oil for ultimate rejuvenation and relaxation.

The Himalayan Salt are hand carved salt crystals from salt caves deep below the Himalayan Mountains. 

They effectively removes rough areas from the skin through exfoliation of dead skin cells and brightens dull skin by nourishing it with essential vitamins and minerals. The salt cleanses the body and is reputed to reinvigorate the flow of energy to restore balance whilst drawing out toxins from the skin. 

Himalayan salt is then applied for an exhilarating salt scrub before you are wrapped up and drift away as you enjoy an Indian head massage. 


balance your qi


Full Body: £50 for 70 mins

Rooted in the healing traditions of the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia this massage initially was only for Balinese and Javanese royalty.

Traditionally in Bali, massages was only performed by men – healers known as Balians (traditional Balinese healers who work with divine energy). 
A Balinese massage is believed to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and "qi" (energy) around your body in order to bring a sense of wellbeing, calm and deep relaxation. The massage works on the twelve meridian lines running through the body, with each meridian related to different functions and parts of the body. 

The massage is an amalgamation of various techniques like acupressure, Thai massage, reflexology, percussion and gentle & firm stroking with the application of special aroma oils. 

The massage begins with long stretches and deep pressure followed by acupressure on the twelve meridian lines running through the body.

Next warm oil is applied with the palms of the hands to soothe and balance your body, mind and spirit. A traditional Balinese massage includes massaging the stomach area (which is optional) for its many health and healing benefits. 

Finally the massage concludes with an uplifting facial and a rejuvenating head pressure point massage. 

A traditional hot or cold complimentary drink will be offered for your enjoyment. 


a chocoholic treat  


Full Body: £75 for 90 mins

This is the massage that Willy Wonka would have indulged himself in as the Oompa Loopa's carried on working in the chocolate factory doing there business.  This rich treatment begins with a full body chocolate scrub as you melt into a world of pure imagination, full of candy floss, bittersweet cacao kisses and dripping chocolate.  Your skin will receive heavenly ministrations of luxury serum to nourish your skin as you float away in a lullaby. 

This massage is a Pay Forward  scheme created by The Massage Room, York.  By choosing this massage you are gifting a free massage to someone locally in York that can not afford a massage. The partnership scheme is with Joseph Rowntree Foundation  (JRF). Joseph Rowntree famous for his chocolate and philanthropist works wanted to improve the lives of others. This massage should hopefully make him proud on both accounts. 


Thank you for choosing this massage and improving the life of someone when you take care of yourself with some "me-time"   


a back, neck and facial massage


£45 for 60 mins

A massage fit for any king or queen. 

Soothe away tension, spams and stress with this royal ritual. It is known we carry emotional stress around our shoulders, neck and face. 

Feel the stress melt away as you are treated like a king or queen. Your skin will be nourished as you receive a healthy glow making you look fresh and beautiful. As you have wonderful facial using award winning products by Temple Spa.

Perfect for headaches, stress and those who know they hold their emotional tension in the upper back and shoulders.